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The team of professionals at Elevate Physical Therapy, Fitness and Performance is dedicated to helping you live a better life by being your guide and coach as you overcome pain, stress, and injury, getting you back to the things you love to do. We are all about you, after all. It’s your life and your story; we’re just here to help. Happy and blessed with the opportunity to care for you from the minute that you walk into our clinic, our staff strives to do their best to make you smile, get better, and hopefully have some fun in the process. 

When you walk in the door, expect a friendly greeting and a warm, open and enthusiastic environment. Your first session is what’s called a physical therapy evaluation. It begins with us listening to your story. We gather all sorts of data and information on what has brought you to see us and then, with your input, we develop goals and a step-by-step plan to get you back to life, sport, work, and performing at your best.

You’ll want to dress comfortably in attire that allows for ease of movement and that also allows access to the area we are treating. For example, if you are coming in for a knee injury, make sure to bring a pair of shorts or sweats that can pull up over the knee, and not skinny jeans!

Follow-up visits and treatments are based on a collaborative discussion with you regarding expected prognosis and time needed or expected to get back to normal. Our aim is go beyond the traditional approach of rehabilitation to ensure that you will experience world-class care specifically designed to meet your needs, your goals and get you back to sport, work, and life, pain-free functioning at your highest potential.

At Elevate, you will find people who give their very best to stand by our Core Values:

  • Create Fun and be Amazingly Different
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Atmosphere
  • Communicate with Love and Respect
  • Demonstrate Integrity and Character
  • Be Determined and Passionate
  • High Value – Quality Care


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Your success is the reason we exist, and your treatments will be personalized to fulfill your needs.