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I’d love to say that I fell in love with physical therapy after sustaining an injury and realizing that it was the job for me, but that wasn’t my story. I did have an injury (the classic indoor soccer ACL tear), and I did have physical therapy, but looking back, I realized that it was really a pretty poor experience.

Oddly though, I didn’t have PT on my mind for several years after that. My first career after high school was in music and worship ministry, which means I was a pastor and I was good at music. So, that’s what I did for almost 14 years. During that time, I was exposed to numerous opportunities to lead and develop people in all sorts of situations.

I also started a home care business with 4 close friends in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM.  We have been in business now for nearly 15 years and have served the elderly population and medically fragile children in NM during that time.

Following my time in ministry, I transitioned to a role as a life and leadership coach at a small non-profit in Bend, OR for a couple years. This job taught me how to help other ministry leaders around the world gain traction in their life and with those they led. It was only after this experience that I decided to pursue physical therapy.

Returning to NM during the financial crisis of 2008-2009, I realized that physical therapy was the perfect blend of all the things that I had been working on over the past two decades. In a nutshell, part of my own personal life mission is to be an influencer and encourager of people and to help them become all that God intended them to be – and that includes physically.

Physical therapy is this beautiful intersection of coaching, guiding, and encouraging others with the physical, mental and emotional components of movement and function.

I was accepted into the University of New Mexico Physical Therapy program starting in the fall of 2011. While in school, I served as the NM Ambassador for the American Physical Therapy Association and was the President of my DPT class.

During this time, I got very involved in ultra-running, competing in numerous 50k’s, 50-milers and a few 100-milers. Upon graduation in 2014, I began practicing and, at the same time, entered a post-clinical-doctorate residency program with a focus on sports physical therapy. I volunteered as a sports physical therapist for a large local youth soccer club the Albuquerque Sol FC, then a regional soccer club for top collegiate players from around the country. My main roles were providing care for acute on-field injury as well as preparing training and injury prevention program for the players.

In 2016, I received my board certification in Sports Physical Therapy and, not long after, returned to Oregon to practice.  

ELEVATE Physical Therapy Fitness and Performance was born out of a dream and desire to help people, from all walks of life and all levels of skill, either get healthy and fit following an injury or setback or help them stay healthy and fit to avoid injury or setback. Leaning heavily on his background as a coach and fitness professional, Jason desires for Elevate to be the premier location in the Southern Oregon for sports rehab (PT) fitness and performance services. 


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