Gait Analysis

At ELEVATE Physical Therapy Fitness and Performance we use 2D gait analysis to help prevent injury, develop a post-injury strategy, or to enhance your current performance in running, hiking, walking, cycling, rowing, etc.  During a gait analysis session, you can expect to be videotaped from several angles, with varying speeds and with variations in footwear and/or movement patterns depending on your sport.

Further analysis of your unique movement and gait characteristics will be performed by slowing down the recording in order to uncover the most subtle intricacies of your gait, frame by frame. We will then make recommendations to help you accomplish your goals which may include stretching or strengthening exercises or drills, activity modification, appropriate footwear, etc. And, depending on findings, recommendations may be made for formal physical therapy, and injury screening, or a more in-depth evaluation and troubleshooting of your body mechanics.


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